Revealed: Gratitude


Photo of white Duchess the swan on dark water. Gratitude Tarot card Gratitude: becomes the river of life with all the fuel and support my heart needs.

                                                      this path
                                    began in thanks
         the knowing that all is gift

that I am all

         that my gifts received are given in trust
                  that for all that is sent more will be received

                                             and in these learnings
                           that Beauty opens her chamber
                  to gentle hearts

wild with kindness

alive in this web of soul-family

                                    the flow of Gratitude becomes
                           the river of life
                  with all the fuel and support
my heart needs

brought to me in the dance

                                    of loving acceptance
                           and trust that
                  what is
         will always be
the answer

Gratitude is the grand river that connects all things. Earth and light, hearts and soil. Her 
spirit, like all the waters of earth, connects us when our hearts are open to the flow of her.

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  1. kelly December 30, 2012 at 7:25 am #

    I am grateful for you. xoxo

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